Benefits of CBD's

Benefits of CBD's

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CBD is the acronym for cannabidiol, one of over 100 naturally occurring cannabinoids found in hemp. Furthermore, it is the second most abundant in the plant and has recently made a big splash in the arena of health and wellness advancements.

CBD has long been continuously overshadowed by psychoactive cannabinoids, however most recently CBD has developed into a widely-used health supplement. We are not making any medical claims and XIP4Life doesn't give any health or medical advice on the use of CBD. We strongly encourage you to do your own research, speak to a medical professional, and come to your own informed decision.


Cannabidiol is completely non-psychoactive and can actually help to combat anxious reactions to psychoactive compounds. At most, CBD encourages slight physical sedation and relief of bodily tension, but nothing obtrusive to regular functioning. There are no regular side effects to ingesting CBD as it has a non-interference with psychomotor learning and regular psychological activity. Although we cannot speak to the extent to which CBD can be used medically, the future indicates a greater scope of influence for this health-conscious compound.

CBD is a standout cannabinoid on its own, but it is even more effective as a health supplement when working in concert with an array of other compounds and terpenes. CBD is a counterfoil to other compounds and works mutualistically to create a powerful synergy of benefits. This theory is known as the “entourage effect”. It posits, that separating cannabinoids from one another to use individually will never be effective as using “whole plant medicines”, that feature a more inclusive selection of active compounds.


Our Nano-Amplified CBD products are an extremely absorbable form of cannabidiol. These molecules are all-natural, just made 100x smaller by a proprietary process, as small as 16 nanometers according to recent lab results, meaning that there is literally no waste.

The smaller particles created by nanotechnology mean dramatically better absorption.Greater bioavailability and use less of a given product for an even better result by allowing the CBD to cross the blood/brain barriers more efficiently.

Nano-emulsified CBD rapidly absorbs up to 80-90% of every dose into the bloodstream compared to only about 35% with other products on the market.